Wet soupy day

Screenshot from the WKMG Channel 6 Weather app.

I just want to go upstairs and read. I want to hang out in my jammies. We’ve been getting dumped on for the better part of two days.

I had to go to Publix for my money order for my part of the rent. I also had a craving for the dark chocolate Swiss Miss hot chocolate mix. We only had one packet of the milk chocolate variety. So, I was in danger of turning into a pumpkin. I now have six bucks and a Powerball ticket.

Both of these screenshots are from my WKMG Weather app.

I’m thinking I should go rustle up some vittles. I haven’t eaten dinner yet. I’m so happy that the nasty diverticulitis is 99% gone. I had a mild case. I don’t want one that’s worse.

I’m probably done here for the evening. I going to try and stay off Facebook too. I need a social media break. I’m sick of friend requests from fake profiles. Only got two in two days. That’s a record low. I guess I’m grateful.

Later, gator.

Don’t he have a purty smile? I just read an article that said alligators continually grow teeth. When they lose one another grows in to replace it. The average gator goes through 2000 teeth in its lifetime. That’s a happy thought.

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