Periodic showers: this fits how I’m feeling

Under the weather. I thought the diverticulitis flare up was over, but it’s reared its ugly head again.

Screenshot from the WKMG Weather app.

I might have to call out tomorrow. I hate having to do that, but I have pain and moments when I feel as if there is wet cement in my intestines.

I’ve been trying to read up on the diet for diverticulosis. There is a lot of conflicting info. One of the things that is confusing is that it seems that when not having a flare up, I should eat lots of fiber. When having a flare up, I SHOULD NOT eat lots of fiber.

It’s also a mystery to me how I even got this. I love salads, have been a model veggie eater my whole life, much to the annoyance of some of my childhood friends when I was invited to eat dinner with their families. Parents always grilling their kids (my friends), “Why can’t you eat more like Pam? She likes vegetables?!?”

Garlic is one of the things I’m supposed to avoid when having a diverticulosis attack. Well, that’s just plain against my frigging religion. Plus, I might finally get bitten by a vampire. If that happens, I hope he’s kinda hot, or funny. Same with no half and half or sugar in my coffee. I will turn into a pumpkin for sure.

I am going to make a work/no work decision before the store closes tonight. I hate having to call out at 7 am because they have very little warning. I do have sick time to cover it—even more than I thought I had.

Not sure if making a gastroenterologist appointment is going to do any good because I’m not sure what they can do in the office—schedule an early colonoscopy? Then I’ll have blow fifty bucks on that nasty CLENPIQ to drink the day before. Omg, that stuff is nasty and not completely covered by my insurance. Going to the ER is even more expensive. I guess I’ll have to watch for fevers and chills. I did have chills last night, but they were not bad.

Discharge info after my last colonoscopy in July 2021.

My moral to this story: stress bad.

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