We made it to IHOP

Good thing Rose drove. I’m getting more stoned as time passes. I had to take a diazepam and an Oxy together when I got to the vascular doctor’s office. That was at 11:15 am.

I’m drowsy, but starving and I have to walk around every 30 minutes. So, napping isn’t a good idea yet. Cooking and using sharp knives are probably not a good idea either. Hence, the trip to IHOP. Paaaaancakes!!!!

This is evil, I’m sure. Humph, how can you forget the coffee? Oh, please.

I ordered an omelette and pancakes to go with my butter and blueberry syrup. I like to get omelettes when I go breakfast joints cause my omelettes get turned into scrambled eggs. I suck at making them.

7 thoughts on “We made it to IHOP

    1. Yay! I mean, why be boring when there are other options, right? I helped open the IHOP on Barbur Blvd in Tigard, Oregon and we also had boysenberry syrup. That was my real fave. Btw, Oregonians are shitty tippers. I got hired at Coffee People and quit IHOP. That was 1993. Those were the days.

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  1. We have a local place down the street called Anna Miller’s. Definitely a throwback kind a place with the uniforms and menu. I love it, they have great blueberry pancakes with boysenberry syrup…amazing. As far as tips are concerned…its a roll of the dice everywhere.

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