Waitin’ on Bo’s mama

She should be home soon. It’s 4:53 pm. When she and Rose get home from what I’m sure was a fun-filled day at Walmart, one of them needs to take me to Publix to get my rent money order, which is only possible due to my Go Fund Me donors still helping me fill in the income holes.

I will be forever grateful!!!

Yeah, our rent was increased by $100 this month. This place is so not worth it. Going on six years ago the rent was $850, and it was overpriced then. Now, it’s $1150. Still, I’m grateful it’s not a box under the 415.

I am also grateful it’s better than a box.

I seriously want a car. I want to be able to drive myself in my own vehicle.

Gee, it’s early March in Central Florida and it does not feel like a soggy 105 degrees. it never got real hot this early when I was a kid growing up near St. Pete.

Climate change is real!!

I’m kind of excited by television tonight since I just discovered that the original, “Law & Order,” has been revived. My now ex-husband introduced me to that show in 1991 and neither of us had any idea he was creating an addict. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen every episode at least ten times each.

It is 5:09 pm. Still no Vickie, or Rose, but I swear I’m smelling someone cooking pesto and garlic bread. It smells awesome.

Besides getting my, “Law & Order,” fix-three of the franchise shows are on, back-to-back, I’ll be filling out student loan paperwork. Interest has mushroomed what I owe. Guess what folks, it was worth every penny. No one can take away my education. I’d rather have the education creds and be a cashier at a grocery store than be a pharmacy rep without the degree. I’m pretty sure the rep gets paid more than I do.

5:14 pm. Mama is home. Bo hasn’t noticed. Wait, there he goes.

It’s 5:22. I have to go wash my CPAP machine parts. Oh yay!

Later, gator.

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