Mornings are getting brighter earlier

It’s a sign we are getting closer to Spring. As my friend, Pat, alluded to recently, the weather is going to get uncomfortably Florida hot, but it’s nice have more light. She lives on a farm, so having more light for longer is a plus.

The sky, due East in front of Sprouts just after getting dropped off at about 6:10 am. Just last Friday, at the same time of day, the sky was still all black.

It’s 6:44 am. Vickie dropped me off at Sprouts a little after 6:00 am. My shift starts at 8:30. Not having my own car is really dragging me down. I need to connect with my attorney again about the settlement check status.

Breakfast. Now, I’m having second breakfast.

If I had my own vehicle, I could have slept two more hours. I only slept for about three, maybe four, hours. I ate my dinner kind of late, so I stayed up for PRESIDENT Biden’s (that last creature was never really a President) State of the Union address. I think he did damn good.

Yes, I know there were things such as voting rights that he did not discuss in detail, but hey, there is a crazy dictator with nukes within his grasp, who invaded another sovereign nation, unprovoked. It’s kind of affecting the entire globe. So yeah, he kind of gets a pass on a few omissions.

I guess, I’ve used, “kind of,” a lot this morning. I’ll try and stop. I need more coffee.

Earlier, I mentioned not getting more than four hours of sleep last night. I shouldn’t have stayed up for the SOTU speech, but mostly the missing sleep hours was due to my )&@;^#+} CPAP machine whistling whenever I breathed in. I kept having to turn on the !?$£#¥}+* light, pull out the water tank and then push it back in. Four times I had to do this. Dealing with this, among other things is why I want the (&&;*^% chip imbedded into my body.

I’m grateful for the possibly life saving device, but washing the parts, being tethered via a hose, and the annoyances of whistling have gotten old after over five years.

My shift ends at 4:00 pm today. Is it 4 yet?

Dern. Well, I have time for more coffee and a chunk of that chocolate I just bought with my second breakfast (a Red’s breakfast burrito-it was good), purified water and roast beef sandwich for lunch.

It contains orange zest. I figure that is a substitute for orange juice, therefore, making it a breakfast food. Right?!?

I’m going to end this because it is 8:00, and Bella, our administrative coordinator is going to help me attach the option to my Sprout’s app so I can finally start getting stuff that’s free for employees.

Just before my accident, when she was still a head cashier, Bella tried to help me do that and we ran into an issue that necessitated home office assistance. I got distracted by my five health issues and accident BS. So, I never followed through on it.

I hope you all have a good day.

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