Mostly doing house cleaning today

For now, I’m in the yard with Bo while coffee brews.

Bo, enjoying a patch of sunlight. He was relaxing in a prone position….until I got to him with my phone.

My mind is still reeling from more auto accident fallout. Yesterday, my attorney, Adam, informed me of the real reason I won’t be getting my rotator cuff surgery done by the orthopedic at Complete Care.

Yes, for me it’s Incomplete Care because my auto insurance company, State Farm, and Complete Care are suing each other.

My response to him was, “Yep, if it’s weird, it happens to me. That’s how I know I’m winning the lottery one day.” He thought that was funny, so I added, “Look how this all started. I was in a four car accident that was caused by an unconscious shot man.” His, answer, “Yep, that IS weird.”

I’d asked if there was any word on how he fared. No, but he knows the guy was up to no good.

In other news: I’m waiting to get the venous ablation surgery of my right leg scheduled. It’s not real complicated. It’s outpatient, done in the doctor’s office. It entails closing off leaky veins in my lower leg. I had it done to my left leg a year ago this past December and it greatly improved my circulation.

Yeah, I really don’t want heart or stroke problems. Yesterday, the surgery scheduler and I played phone tag.

I also had to get an appointment with my primary care physician. I need to renew my happy meds prescriptions and get blood test orders and possibly get an authorization for a new sleep study. I had zero nights restful sleep last year.

I ended up having to take one of only two immediately available established patient appointment times. I took an appointment with her (Dr. Lauridsen) that overlapped my gyno-oncologist appointment for next Tuesday. Then I had to move the gyno-oncologist appointment to 2/15. I had to go that far out because I have to give work at least 21 days notice for a day off request. That’s ok. I think the lady parts are good.

I’m just trying to keep my head above water, and I have to attack and purge crap out of my room. Trust me, that will take several days. I’ve let it slide because of bad domestic energy I’ve been tolerating for over four years-way too long. Being empathic has its downside. Luckily, Vickie woke me up when she moved in in August. It’s refreshing living with someone who enjoys living in clean and organized surroundings. The other roommate is too entitled to do housework. She hasn’t once vacuumed the stairs in the over four years she’s lived here. The dirt doesn’t bother her cause she wears shoes and socks. Yes, she said that. I guess she doesn’t know that her cat shed everywhere and dead skin cells and dirt fall off her body.

Yep, I’ve been keeping my mouth shut over this situation for way too long. I’m letting out the the pent up steam and anger. The frustrations got stifled from feeling absolutely trapped in this really shitty apartment, fully aware that a I’d only get a quality roommate if I found one who was in a similarly desperate situation like I was in when I was thrust into this domicile.

As always, I’m truly grateful that it is better than a box near the interstate highway. The day I moved into this place with Princess Clueless, had started with us having to be homeless.

That’s a whole different story, one i’ve posted about before.

I’m sure coffee is done. It’s real nice outside, but I have work to do.

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