Ahhh, Walmart is always an adventure

Since this was originally a jury duty day, according to an e-mail. I requested the day off because, you know, I didn’t want to go to jail for not showing.

After the day off was approved, I called, cause I didn’t receive a summons in the mail. Found out that was a boo boo. So, I decided to help Vickie.

We had to exchange a hand cart for a hand truck.

This truck has a shitty radio and there’s no AC. Hopefully, this purchase is a good omen that we will be movingsoon.

We are taking some boxes I had packed to Vickie’s new storage unit. She’s had to do most of the heavy lifting because my shoulder tendons still kinda scream.

She went to customer service to return the hand cart and I went to Hand Truck World, where I found the one and only available hand truck. We decided to adopt it. I guarded it with my life until she arrived from Customer Service World, which at Walmart could take as long as reaching Hogwarts in the Universal Studios theme park. In Springtime. In Orlando. It could require snacks for the hypoglycemic. Luckily, it wasn’t quite so hideous a line.

Waiting in line to pay. Oh the joy.

True to Walmart tradition, I found a discarded item where it didn’t belong. Why are people so &&)@;:%# lazy?

Bakery, hardware, what’s the diff? What I find most disturbing is WHY WOULD SOMEONE DECIDE TO NOT BUY CHOCOLATE? That person needs therapy,

So, we are driving down to Vickie’s storage unit down near the airport in The City Beautiful (yep, that’s Orlando’s motto). She’s actually doing most of the driving; I’m typing. Ok, she’s doing ALL of the driving. I’m cursing at the sun making glare on my keyboard. So, there might be some creative mistypes. See, Portland gloom has its purposes. Sunshine can be a pain in the ass.

Vickie needed sustenance at a red light.

We’re almost there. More later.

Of course it’s going to rain; we are moving stuff.

P.s. The landlord showed with the plumber. They both worked on our leak. It was the garbage disposal.

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