On my way to work

Vickie is driving me. She likes to take the scenic route. So, we are going through Tuskawilla.

On Tuskawilla in Winter Springs.

My shift starts in 29 minutes. I’m already exhausted. I awoke around 6:40. I had to use the bathroom. Even though I didn’t need to get up for two hours, I could not go back to sleep.

Yay! I just realized I forgot my phone charger. This is why sleep and routines are good. I guess my phone will be off most of the day, as soon as I post this.

I’ve have a lot on my mind: changing doctors, changing homes, increasing income, trying to regularly exercise, trying to start Adkins again, but it’s an expensive diet.

I can’t wait till 4 pm. I just want this work shift to go by quickly. I want to get to planning.

I just saw an apartment complex I’d forgotten about-need to check if it has tax credit units. It’s not too far from work. We’d rather have a house, but we are probably going to have to take advantage of some HUD (Housing and Urban Development, federal department) programs.

I’m in the breakroom. I have ten minutes. I just feel very worn out. I hope it’s kind of busy because I’m an extrovert. That means I get energy from people. Introverts are the opposite; they lose energy being around people. I just need a boost. I don’t want to drink anymore coffee because I’ll just have to tinkle while I’m ringing up orders. I hate having to go when it’s busy.

Well, it’s 10:53 am. I’m going to sign off. I hope everyone is having a good day.

I’m here. Oh yay! Well, it’s good to be employed. Winter Park Sprouts.

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