Still purging and cleaning and two surprises

I’m getting ready to mix up some ammonia and water to clean the pantry.

I’m in another weird mood. I’m slipping into a spiritual-transformation phase. I’m re-examining a lot of the different parts of my life.

Sometimes housework is meditative, and Zen-like.

This morning I opened the front door to see if the yard was Bo proof-check if the gate was up so I could let him out. It wasn’t. But, I got a treat.

Herons are my spiritual animals. When I opened the door and looked out, there, not further away than four feet was this beautiful bird. I consulted my friend, Pat, because she’s Dr. Doolittle and knows as much about animals as a zoology professor. She thought it could be a sand hill crane or a woodstork, but it was solid gray-ish. She looked again and decided it was probably a blue heron. That’s what thought it was.

By the time I got back with my phone, the bird had begun to walk, at a very calm pace, along the top of the fence. I caught him two apartments down. I had to take the shots from a distance and then take blown up screenshots.
I think the message here is, “Fly away.” I wish I could.

After vacuuming the pantry, I decided to sit with one more cup of coffee (I’m pretty sure that’s a Robert Plant song-a cover-on his Dreamland CD), * and flick on the TV.

Another surprise: “Addams Family,” marathon. I loved that show. It was better than, “The Munsters.”

Don Rickles guest-starred in this episode. He’s on the right.

Coffee mug is empty. Time to return to the kitchen. Oh the joy.

* see blog above this one for the song.

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