Back to work…oh goodie

My Sprouts store in Winter Park

I have to get up extra early because Vickie has to take Rose (her car has had two flat tires since June. Don’t get me started) to work first. Rose works 9-4 at Walmart. Then Vickie takes me to Sprouts. My shift is 11-4. So, pretty much I’m on Rose’s schedule.

I will probably eat breakfast at Sprouts. I’m so exhausted. I had 3 hours of sleep last night and a very long, emotional day today. I was going to try and write a real blog tonight, but I’m burnt to a crisp

I stopped into work to give them LOA paperwork and bought a few things I’ve been craving for three months.

I’ll show you some samples of my fun day today, hopefully, tomorrow.

I, at least, remember my cashier number (213), but I cannot recall my password. Heh, heh.

It might be in my appointment book.

Or, maybe not.

Oh well.

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