Last weekend randomness

If everything goes well, I will be returning to work at Sprouts at 11:00 am on Tuesday. I have a form Rothman Orthopaedics needs to fill out and fax to Sprouts. I’m asking for limitations. My therapist said he doesn’t want me picking up anything heavier than 10 pounds.

I loathe this company.

At the three-month post-op point after my total knee replacement my orthopedic, Ron Hudanich DO, said, to this effect, “No running unless someone is chasing you with a knife.” He’s pretty goofy. He made me laugh hard enough that I forgot about asking, “What if I’m being chased by someone with a firearm?” Eh, he’s a surgeon and a chef I’m sure he has knives on the brain a lot.

With this healing boo-boo, I won’t have trouble running. If, however, I have to defend myself with my arms, I could have issues.

MeTV sucks. My last weekend off and there’s no more Sunday, “Columbo.” I’m traumatized. I did get to watch an episode yesterday on Cozi TV. I’m going to miss my double dose of that trench coat-clad detective. Sniff.

Lt. Columbo working on the case of the missing (later murdered) magazine publisher.

As I stated above, this is my last weekend off. That really isn’t correct. It’s my last weekend of LOA (leave of absence). But, I’m probably going to apply at my local Walgreens, to fill in some blanks left because I have no $)$&@);;:/*+%%#?¥€>< car to get me to my Sprouts job, which is ten miles away.

I’m mulling over not finishing up the occupational therapy because of the hassle with Care Centrix needing new authorizations, seemingly, every five minutes. But, that’s just letting them win. Besides, if I do get my shoulder injured at Sprouts and I haven’t done all my therapy, I feel as if that could be thrown in my face as another reason to not pay for the medical care. Sprouts is a corporation. I don’t care how liberal it’s founding philosophy is, the company would try and balk.

One thing underpinning my reasoning in dropping the therapy is that the settlement check would get here sooner because the medical bills would get wrapped up sooner. I could get a car sooner-theoretically.

There’s still that COVID-induced supply chain disaster happening. The price of ALL cars has mushroomed. It might be better to wait. Who knows, maybe I’ll get lucky with Powerball.

Not likely. I’ve been in a dry spell anyway. I never spend a ton on lottery, and I almost always win at least a free ticket when I get two tickets. I’m taking a break.

In lottery weirdness ten days apart at two different lottery vendors I got 3 and 15 in the same positions in each of these tickets. Unfortunately, they were both duds.

This weekend has been filled with randomness. I did some low key reorganizing-mostly. I also did some time management and psychological reorganizing. I started taking notes on starting my freelance writing business. I’m investigating getting an LLC (limited liability company) started. Supposedly, it makes it easier to get tax deductions. For instance, I’m typing this on my phone, I could deduct at least part of my phone bill. My friend, Pat, is a hairstylist, and is considered the sole proprietor of her business. Many of you might be unaware that a lot (maybe even most) hairstylists do not work for the salon; the rent a chair in which their clients sit while the hairstylist performs her magic.

Pat isn’t an LLC, but I think because I have a stylized business name-the name of this blog site, I might want to get the license. She said the IRS never gives her a hard time. My cursory research seems to indicate that the state of Florida fee is $125, which is pretty cheap. There might be other fees and right now, I don’t have a spare $125.

I’ll have to work on that.

Earlier I made my COVID-19 booster shot appointment. I’m having my arm jabbed at my second home: the Publix pharmacy in Winter Springs on Wednesday between 5-6 pm. Vickie is going to take me when she gets home from work. I wanted to get it before I returned to work, but I was not eligible until the CDC recommended the boosters for all adults six months after the second vaccine shot. I got my second dose in April. So, I’m due.

Look, I followed directions.

My day got real exciting, for awhile, when I realized I might have taken two Naproxens because I got distracted and was positive I hadn’t already taken one. After I took what I thought was the second, I began feeling really weird, and I was dizzy and very drowsy. I still don’t know if I took two. That would have been 1000mg, and I can only take two within 24 hours. I guess I’m not taking one at bedtime, just in case, even though I’m leaning toward that I did NOT take that second pill. There are about 12 symptoms of a Naproxen overdose. I only had two. So, I just decided to be vigilant. I’m not feeling so weird now. I think I’m ok.

Right now I’m heating up Thanksgiving leftovers and watching, “Monk.” Tomorrow I have an 8:00 an appointment with Dr. Adcock’s techs. I’m having the circulation in my leg veins tested again. Earlier this year, the tests indicated the left leg was very good and the right one seemed to need a venous ablation like I had done last December on the left leg. Dr. Adcock asked, “Are you having any sensation of heaviness in that leg, or any other symptoms.” I replied, “No, nothing.” So, we decided to wait a few months.

Tonight’s episode of, “Monk,” on MeTV.

He did say that I should have the ablation done before I get my right knee replaced. I can’t believe I haven’t needed to replace it yet. I thought for sure I’d be getting it replaced last December, which was a year after I had the left one done.

I need to check on my vittles in the oven and eat and get to bed. I’m not such a good morning person-but I’d like to be.

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