Thankful update

I’m still trying to make it financially. I am slated to return to work on Tuesday 11/30. However, I will only be working about two days a week because I live ten miles from my job at Sprouts, in Winter Park. I’m not rich; I can’t afford to pay for Lyft rides-they are cheaper than Uber. My roommate, and friend, Vickie, will be my taxi to /from work on her days off, which are Mondays and Tuesdays.

I took the two photos above. The bottom one is of my dead car at the scene of the accident on 8/5/2021. The top one is of my car at the tow yard, where it was taken after the wreck. I’d gone there to retrieve my belongings, including my auto tag, a couple of weeks after the wreck. I ended up surrendering the vehicle to the tow yard. I assume it was auctioned off.

It’s going to be at least months until I get a settlement check and I have no idea how much will be left after the stray medical bills are paid and my attorney gets his cut. I will be applying for a job that it is within walking distance. The best candidate for that is the Walgreens drug store where I get all my prescriptions. Ideally, I want a blogging job I can do at home. That would completely rock my world.

If you can help me out, I will be tremendously grateful.

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