American healthcare is not really care

My most recent shoulder x-rays at Rothman Orthopaedics at the end of October.

This is a venting blog.

Eeergh, Richard, my occupational therapist just left my home about 45 minutes ago.

He expressed frustration with the authorization process and confirmed that the obstacle is Care Centrix, the third party administrator hired by Florida Blue. I’d been wavering over whether it was the local agency that sends Richard out to do my therapy, or the behemoth, known as Care Centrix.

I asked Richard, “So, it’s Care Centrix who is the big obstacle?” “Yes, they will send out authorizations late, so that the patient does not get all their authorized care.” “Seriously?!” I blurted out. “Yes, like they authorized two sessions for you this week. I only received it on Thursday the eleventh, so you miss out on a therapy session. AND, it was originally sent by the insurance company on on October 28th, it actually was not sent by Care Centrix until last night.” “Oh my God. I gotta write that essay.”

Oh, and he also added. Those authorizations expire. The four, which in reality are three, expire on 11/18. So, I have to use them on or before next Thursday. Ridiculous. So, Richard will be here on Wednesday and Thursday.

This is a peek at what our American healthcare system has devolved into.

I am pissed.

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