Had to go to Sanford-too late to bake salmon

Vickie was going to pick Rose up from the hospital in Sanford, but she felt horrible after work and asked me to go fetch Rose in her car.

I wanted to make salmon-well, I wanted to try and eat some after I made it. Last night’s dinner did not stay with me long. It was leftover spaghetti from Tuesday. I should have known my body was going to detect a few more bacteria than was safe to eat. This happens almost every time I eat leftovers that may possibly be too leftover.

The acidity of tomato sauce tends to kill more bacteria than not-so-acidic food. So, I thought I would be ok. Nope. I rented dinner.

This morning I arose after lousy sleep, due in part, to my stressed out innards. I thought about what I had in the freezer and what I could eat for dinner. I pulled out two salmon filets.

Rose’s discharge occurred at just the right time to interfere with making dinner. I already knew we’d be going to Publix on the way home. I was going to get pineapple juice for my salmon, but then at the last second got Key Lime juice instead.

Then, I realized it was going on 7:00 pm and I was not going to feel like cooking and cleaning before turning into couch potato to watch, “Columbo.”

I ended up getting a Boar’s Head wrap at the Publix deli. I got London Broil and Havarti on a spinach wrap. If Boar’s Head made a shoe out of their London Broil, I would eat it.

Tonight’s dinner. By the way, that bag of chips had half the sodium as the cans of chowder I’d earlier thought about getting.

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