Thanks for stopping by

My blog site is broken,.

Or so, it seems.

I’m trying to have the Support team help me out. I had to change my email address because of a hacker. My new address is not the one registered to my site. So, it got flagged with a 404 error message.

Interestingly, I can still post and people can still read my posts, provided they catch them via WordPress Reader. Thus, my traffic has suffered. However, I’ve been getting likes and views and comments from new bloggers.

I want to thank all of you for popping by and helping to resuscitate my site.

The latest status is that a Support member asked me to send her an email from my old address. Firstly, I am unsure if I even have the password to that site. Secondly, I tried sending myself an email from my new address to the old (original) to see what happens. I got a failure notice saying that that old address has been disabled.

Now, I’m supposed to prove I am the owner of my domain. I took screen shots of my domain payment from last August, but the there is no account number or name listed. I could take a photo of a paper copy, but I have to go to my bank-I think. I’m going to send my bank, Fairwinds Credit Union, a message and see if they can send me a copy.

Cause, here’s the deal: my car was totaled in a four-car crash on 8/5/2021. I didn’t have collision-couldn’t afford it. So, I got no rental, not until I had to get one for a week to get to a slew of medical appointments that had to be done on days other than Mondays and Tuesdays. A dear friend and new (third) roommate has those days off and she’s the angel who has been hauling my butt all over Orlando for pre-ops, a surgery, and a post-op. I have another of those in two weeks. I did the math and blowing $231 on a rental for seven days was cheaper than having to use Lyft. It was money I could have used elsewhere, but gave me a psychological boost at being able to drive myself places when I WANTED.

Here’s the other deal: when this accident happened, I was in the middle of receiving treatment for four medical issues. Two involved pre-cancer, one possible cancer and another, my third skin cancer lesion since 2019 (I wrote a blog about it in about January 2019).

Here’s another deal: I have an attorney who is representing me in a lawsuit against the causal driver who was unconscious when he slammed into a car that slammed into mine that shoved my car into the vehicle ahead of me. We were stopped at a red light at a busy intersection in Seminole County Florida. The driver was unconscious because he’d been shot. As far as I know he’s ok.

Because the impact broke my right shoulder, I am off work for probably at least ten weeks ( I had to make a Go Fund Me page) and dealing with the Human Resources company, Unum, has not been a picnic. I’m getting so annoyed I may just throw my hands in the air and apply at the Walgreens that’s within an easy walk of my home.

So, I’ve been stressed and have been trying to squeeze in time to deal with this blog site problem.

Here’s the funny part: in the middle of all this, I got called to jury duty. Didn’t know if I should laugh or cry. I did postpone that chore till January. Another funny thing that happened was that the Tom Petty CD that was stuck in my car’s CD player got ejected. I had tried for almost two years to get that puppy out.

Driver’s side foot area and Tom Petty CD.
My ex-car. It could have worse. The Universe owes me a brand new VW Tiguan or Taos. Lol.

I’ve been feeling like I’m living in an episode of, “Seinfeld,” for the last two months.

Again, thank you all for stopping by and leaving likes or nice comments. I appreciate it.

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