Stuff I rescued from my dead car

Last Monday, thanks to Vickie, I finally got to Courtesy Towing in Longwood to get my belongings from my deceased 2005 Pontiac G6.

It’s fate is currently in limbo as I can’t junk it to Courtesy, so I probably have to call in another junk company.

I’m so over this crap.

I’d forgotten I left this in my car. I took this photo at home. It’s on my tacky fuzzy throw pillow that I love cause it!s purple.
The CD was on the floor on the driver’s side. I’m shocked it didn’t melt in the Florida heat. The case was in the console.
Supposedly keeping loose change in your car gives you lucky travels. Ha! Unless, it did give me luck by keeping me alive during that nasty little crash.
Approaching the evil intersection from the opposite direction. Driving on Semoran, near Howell Branch, in Casselberry. This area will never look the same to me.
Driving in the same direction in which I was driving. I was one or two lanes over, to the right.

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