Just another dull Friday

I’m not a party person. I’m not anti-party. I just have to have a good reason: birthdays, graduations, holidays, moving out of my current dump and moving into a home I will love and winning the lottery. That about covers it. Oh wait, resurrecting John Bonham from the dead for that Zeppelin reunion-that would be a good reason, too.

Partying cause it’s the weekend is not a good reason. That’s more like enabling a possible addiction.

So, that my current Friday is a snooze fest does not bother me.

There was also this piece of fun and excitement. A pic of two pages of my accident journal that I played with to get this fun color. My life is so sad.

My sleep schedule is disturbed, much like my psyche. I’ve been staying up so late that when I get to sleep at 3 am, it’s early.

I’m heating up leftovers for dinner. Then I’m going to eat, take a shower and read for awhile. I’m aiming for no later than 1 am. That’s probably too big a chunk of sleep schedule change, but I’m hoping I can keep shaving time off till I get to an 11:30 pm bedtime.

One of the exciting things that happened today was getting a notice from the foot-dragging Geico adjuster suggesting that if my inoperable vehicle was being stored at a tow company, I should move it to where it’s not accruing fees. Yeah, I’ll get right on that with my one fully functional arm. Maybe I can shove it into my backpack one piece at a time until the vehicle is dismantled. What an idiot. It was interesting to learn that Geico is actually an acronym for: Government Employees Insurance Company. I’m such a nerd, that really WAS exciting.

I also received a piece of accident-related mail that was kind of confusing. I got a notice from Allstate, that at first glance looked like junk mail. It was a notice about my bodily injury claim. I was mystified because I never contacted them and I think the policy holder is the woman who was in the Trailblazer I got slammed into. Oh well, if an insurance company wants to give me cash, I’ll take it.

I took pics and texted them to, Frank (not his real name), my attorney.

Around 7 pm I walked over to the Circle K to get a lottery ticket, a dark chocolate Dove bar and to possibly get a dozen eggs. That would keep me out of Family Dollar, a store I loathe. The Circle K dozen eggs were seven dollars and twenty-nine cents. I swear. I didn’t know if I should bust out laughing or burst into tears.

I guess I was stuck popping into the Family Dollar. They had the same exact brand of a dozen eggs for one dollar and seventy-five cents. Ooh, a deal. I had enough money for a pint of Ben and Jerry’s. I splurged; I haven’t had ice cream in several months. I got the Phish Food flavor: chocolate, marshmallow swirls and caramel. Ouch, that arm twist hurt like hell.

Now I’m watching a, “Law and Order,” marathon. I hope I can pry myself away from the tube relatively early.

I know what ya’ll are thinking: how exciting.

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