I wore jewelry for the first time in three weeks !!

Whoohoo! How exciting. Had to go to a part of Orlando that’s just north of the airport. Oooh, an outing. I even managed to get a jog bra on-one of the pull over types. Believe me, they are impossible to put on with a freshly fractured shoulder.

My copper-wrapped aragonite and my 3-D peace sign a friend gave me. I get lots of compliments on both of them.

The last time I wore a bra or necklace or earrings was August 5th-auto accident day. How exciting: leaving the house on a little trippy!!

Sad, ain’t it?

We have to take what we can get.

The first vehicle the unconscious driver destroyed, Toyota Rav 4 of uncertain year. At least it wasn’t a Volkswagen. That would have broken my blue and white VW heart.

I did get some good accident news today. I can’t be very specific, but I can tell you that my attorney told me, during a phone call, “DON’T pay that tow bill!” Apparently, the Geico (causal driver’s) insurance adjuster was not completely honest with me. It’s over four hundred dollars, and that’s from 8/5-10. It’s bigger now. What a shock that she wasn’t honest. She hasn’t returned the five messages my attorney has left her. Geico is dragging its feet, possibly because it was a multiple vehicle accident.

My bill from Courtesy Towing in Longwood.

My attorney also told me that, since the cops released the vehicles, the tow company cannot keep me from removing my belongings or my auto tag. I’m most concerned about retrieving my auto tag because in Florida, getting a brand new tag can cost multiple hundreds of dollars. If you need to transfer the tag from one car to a different one it’s a fraction of a fraction of that.

The view from inside my Pontiac.

The other thing I’m really concerned about is getting the Tom Petty CD that shot out of my CD player in the car. It had been stuck in there for two years. I’m guessing the second impact, the one in which the Rav 4 pushed me into the Chevy Trailblazer, was the one that pushed out Tom Petty. It never played. The CD player is broken, but apparently, it wanted to covet that Petty CD. My attorney was amused by my CD story.

Tom Petty CD next to my gas pedal. At least that accident was good for something-dislodging that CD from my broken CD player. Whoohoo, I also noted there are two pennies on the floor up next to the pedal. I so rich. Bezos has nothin’ on me!!!

I received another fun bill today. This was from the suppliers of the ambulance I took a ride in: Seminole County Fire Rescue. The five mile ride was $815.00. Oh yay!

Nasty gram from Seminole County Fire Rescue.
Yeah, yeah, you don’t have my policy info? Bill. Only about four pairs of eyes looked at my State Farm card.

According to, Frank (not his real name), my attorney, “Ambulance companies pull this crap all the time.” “Explain.” “They send you a bill saying that they couldn’t locate your policy number, yada, yada. It’s bullshit.” “I was thinking that it would get taken care of if I sent that info in and maybe call them, too.” “Exactly. You are not responsible for that. Send your State Farm info and your health insurance info.” “Ok, thanks.”

Whew! Again!

My shoulder is hurting, so I’m going to say, “Goodnight, all.”🌙😴🌘⭐️🌟

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