Columbo Sunday

Columbo closing in on his villain.

We’re watching, “Columbo.” I know, it’s such a shock. It’s a goodie. Johnny Cash is playing the villain. He bumped off his obnoxious wife-I really can’t blame him. She was a bitch-and his young sister.

I’m still trying to work through terror and depression. I’m not sleeping worth a crap. I can’t wait to get through this post accident stuff. It’s overwhelming. I’m just so tired of leaping hurdles unrelated to my REAL life. I just want to ….do those tasks.

Tomorrow, I’m going to go to the tow yard and see what I can do about my car and that towing bill. My friend is bringing me-the new roomie. I hope I can at least get my tag and my Tom Petty CD, bottle of coolant and almost a full bottle of wiper fluid. Funny thing, my car kept messaging me, “Low Washer Fluid,” and kept waiting until nothing came out when I pushed the button to squirt wiper fluid on my windshield. I never refilled the reservoir. Now, the two roomies can divvy those bottles between them.

I guess my car does not send messages anymore.

I keep telling myself, “This is only temporary,” but when you’ve been telling yourself that everyday since 2015, it starts to ring hollow when things don’t significantly improve, and it’s hard to keep the faith.

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