August in Florida still sucks

In August of 2020 I wrote a blog complaining about Florida’s August weather. The humidity is a soup that hangs in the air that makes one beg the question, “Is this frigging Indonesia?”

No, we are not an island, just a peninsula. So, almost. We get sea breezes-damp sea breezes. Often, those breezes bring us gigantic thunderheads that are like humongous sponges drifting over the earth that unleash torrents of water onto the Sunshine State. Our summer storms are so spectacular, Florida should be called the Lightning State. Indeed, it is the lightning capital of North America.

Here it is August 2021, and I’m sitting in my air conditioned living room freshly showered and already starting to sweat from the humidity.

This August sucks because we still have COVID, and a nastier variant that didn’t have to get this bad because we have The Vaccine. I won’t get me started, but boy, I could unleash a huge amount of vitriol on this issue.

This August personally sucks for me because of the driver who plowed into three cars and broke my shoulder. My shoulder is not enjoying the humidity; it hurts. I had to take an OXY, which konked me out. Yay! Not much done today, either. I’m guessing that it IS the humidity because even my fake knee is complaining a little. My orthopedic surgeon (the first one) posted on his practice Facebook page a blurb on how humidity can affect joints. I’d already found that info online. So, I was not surprised.

I have the early edition of WKMG’s evening news on. It broadcasts at 4 pm. One of the station’s meteorologists was just on camera saying that this is the third hottest August in Florida history since records became official. The month isn’t over. I’m pretty sure it will rise further up the list.

The temperatures so far this August in the Orlando area. This is a photo I took from my TV. WKMG Channel 6, CBS Affiliate, Orlando, Florida. Note the number of days above normal.

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