Trying to plow forward

The first of 3-4 pages of physical therapy agencies I got from my accident orthopedic, Michael Hawks MD, on Friday. I have to find one that will send a therapist to my home. Ain’t got no car. Thank you, driver of the white Ford Ranger.

Hello, everyone.

I’m still trying unf**k my life, and trying to not be overwhelmed, but I’ve let loose a few bouts of crying-just needing to open the emotional valves for a spell.

Yesterday I tried to start another Go Fund Me page. I worked on it for over an hour and it vaporized into cyberspace. It made me so angry I just wanted to smash something to bits. I had to write it on my phone because I hadn’t used my laptop in so long, the battery was dead. After a few hours it came on. But it was late by then. So, I will repeat the task of redoing my campaign page.

I also had no luck applying for SNAP and SNAP cash on my phone. After answering the initial questions, I clicked on the, “Apply,” button and on , “Next,” and the space I got was purely blank emptiness and it froze there.

It could be that my phone was as exhausted as I am. I’ve been using it a lot-sometimes even for phone calls.

I haven’t eaten and it’s almost 2:30 pm here, in Florida. I need food.

I hope I can return later, after I do accident related chores on the phone.

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