Columbo Sunday and other topics

I guess I don’t have to worry too much about missing episodes since I’m off work for at least six weeks!

Oh yay! More stress. Less money. Even more stress. I seriously want and need a financial miracle. I’m trying to rebuild my faith and belief that I deserve everything I want. Fourteen years of getting kicked in the ass is hard to get over. I guess, I’m very lucky that my underlying psychological foundation rests on optimism and a positive attitude. It would really suck if I wasn’t basically optimistic.

Universe, I’m ready for that huge amount of cash I’ve been requesting-the one I want to split evenly at least 16 ways!!!!

In the meantime, I’m watching, “Columbo,” I just love these old 70’s shows. Thank God there have been cultural improvements since then, but oh my God, 70’s popular music was the best. A great high school soundtrack.

Victim on right; villain on left

However, I don’t miss the worse-than-today treatment of women and people of color. There is still room for boatloads more improvement, but things are so much better.

I’ll take the gains in medical and other sciences and in technology too. For instance, Windows Word was invented for horrible typists, such as myself.

It’s good to look back at earlier eras and take stock of change. I think that most of it has been improvement. I am mostly speaking of the social-cultural stage.

The torture to the environment is a whole other blog. I will say this: it is sad that while scientists have learned so much, it’s been against the backdrop of environmental horrors, such as that huge floating island of plastic circulating in the Pacific Ocean. During Spring of 2020, “60 Minutes,” did a story on it that ripped my heart out. I cried so much watching it.

I suppose watching old television shows gives me motivation to examine societal change. I think it’s mostly an unconscious poke in the cognition. I’m one of those people who sees the big picture first and then the little details that are the connective tissue.

I firmly believe that if I saw the details first before the big picture, I’d give myself ADHD. Too much stimuli.

Speaking of stimuli, I find tacky 70’s lamps are distracting stimuli. This contributes to the joy I feel watching, “Columbo.” In fact, 70’s decor is pretty hilarious. Those of us who lived through the 70’s will probably never purge the image of avocado green kitchen appliances from our memories.

It’s the lamps I miss. Big and bulky with an exquisite tackiness that I love. I scoured the, “Columbo,” episode that was on tonight for some tacky lamps that always appear in the oldest episodes. Camera angles did not cooperate much. I did catch these gems.

What I was really hoping for were these prizes I found in a search for, “tacky 70’s lamps.”

Isn’t their ugliness awesome? I LOVE them.

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