Spontaneous before shower Tarot reading

I’m trying to get back into doing readings on myself. I used to do them a lot, but slacked off when my life started sucking.

I find them very helpful in focusing on areas of my life that need attention. Sometimes there’s a peek into the future and sometimes not.

My favorite spread is the Celtic Cross and the Expanded version. Since I haven’t worked with them in years, I’m slowly reintroducing the cards back into my life,

Read left to right.

One way to get reacquainted is to do small spreads that are kind of like free association in psychology. I just shuffled multiple times and spread the cards out accordion style face down and picked up cards until I, felt done.

What’s interesting is that the very first card was the King of Swords. This is definitely my lawsuit. It’s upright-likely to turn out in my favor.

The last three cards are all Coins/Pentacles. Money. It’s my biggest concern right now. They are all good and all upright.

My favorite card is The Star. It appeared smack in the middle, but reversed. A reversed Star is usually still ok because it’s a very positive card that usually means you are getting everything you want. The reversed card could mean a delay.

I’m going to do some book reading on my reading. Probably tomorrow. I’m exhausted.


It’s 2:06 am on Saturday. I just discovered that the photo of my Tarot spread is upside down. This is the correct photo. I only found this mistake while double checking what cards I had in the spread. I was googling their meanings-I need a Tarot refresher.

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