Can you tell I love Indian food?

You may have noticed I’ve posted a lot of food pics and recipes. These are all reposts from other pages. I feel like I’m cheating.

Indian food is my absolute favorite, followed by Thai, then Greek.

Typing is awkward when my dominant arm is is a sling. So, I’ve been borrowing from other blogs. It is bad enough that there are simply many tasks I cannot do with my arm in such a contraption. I had to use my right arm more than I should have since Monday because Rose was in the hospital with another UTI. I had no one to help with dishes. God knows how it’s impacted my shoulder healing.

I’ll get an idea of this when I go to see Thing 2, my accident orthopedic. Maybe I should call him my accidental orthopedic, cause it’s basically true.

I just brewed coffee and have only eaten a cup of mixed berry applesauce. I haven’t had coffee and I’m getting hangry.

I’ll get here as often as I can.❤️‍🩹

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