I searched myself on WordPress

Me, photo taken by Brian L. Colleen in 2003, Daytona Beach, Florida.

The ten blogs that follow are all mine. Three are just a few of my photographs. I published them on WordPress, on my first blog site in 2008-09. Five are academic papers, two are the bibliographies for two of the five papers. The geeks among us might want to check out the sources. I wrote these papers for four or five different anthropology classes I had at the University of Central Florida.

If you enjoy academic writing or anthropology, you might enjoy them.

I love writing research papers-bibliographies, not so much. The notation rules are decided by 40 year old dweebs who never got laid. I’d be willing to research that to see if I’m right.

Me, April 1990, at my graduation (Psychology BA) from University of South Florida, in Tampa. I’m being congratulated by USF President, Francis Borkowski. I had the absolute worst hangover of my entire life and this was the day I swore I would never wear spike heals again.

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