Just got home

I went to Publix for colonoscopy-friendly foods. Oh boy, the pickin’s were slim. Hmm, lime jello in cups and lime and lemon jello mix. That’s it. I already bought chicken broth from Sprouts before I left.

The jello mixes I just drink warm because I really hate solid jello. The texture grosses me out, yet I love raw oysters. Go figure. I’m Aquarius. Don’t bug me. We’re weird. However, being Aquarius, sometimes I like to act normal, and therefore, be weird. It sort of freaks people out when I act normal, it’s fun playing with people’s brains.

Getting back to jello, decades ago I created a fantasy about it that I would love to manifest. It would be awesome to fill a standard backyard swimming pool with how ever much jello mix it takes to make actual jello. Here’s the tricky part: then the entire pool gets chilled, so that it turns into the jiggly, wiggly stuff. Then, I just want to try and walk on it-in the shallow end of the pool, obviously. I’d probably sink, but what would that feel like, besides bizarre, smart asses? It would be so cool.

It ranks right up there with the fantasy my friend, Pat, and I had in, oh around, fifth grade. It was Pat’s idea, really. We wanted to push a banana through a window screen. It would have to be one of those higher quality wire screens we had in the 60’s and 70’s, not those cheap plastic fiber ones they make today.

Pat even drew a picture of it: banana shoved against the screen and spaghetti-shaped banana strings coming through the other side. Cool.

See why neither of us had human children. Also, we were against the idea of something the size of a watermelon coming out of our bodies.

Yeah, neither of those things, would pan out as fantasized. Kind of like some marriages and my supposedly promising relationships with Cancer ascendant men.

Eh, more later, probably. Later.

This sign was on the counter at the customer service desk at Publix. I asked if I could have it to wear around my neck with a string. It would be a warning to others.

3 thoughts on “Just got home

    1. Thank you, very much. I just got off the phone with someone from the facility where I’m having the procedure-just pre-procedure questions, but I think it’s a sign that they are getting their front office more organized. My procedure there in March was almost a clusterfuck.


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