My body did not appreciate what I ate for dinner last night.

It sent a freight train through my innards. I barely slept.

I’m due in to work at 8:30. Knowing my issue might still be around in the morning, I set my alarm to go off before 6:15 am.

We are supposed to give two hours notice before calling out and only a, “ core manager,” can take your excuse,

So, I called BEFORE the two hour minimum. I got routed to the HR manager, who isn’t nice.

“Well, you’ll have to call back when a core manager is here at 7:00.” “I’m supposed to give two hours notice, but ok.”

I love retail logic.

UPDATE; I just called and told the store manager my tale of bathroom woe. Did I unearth a new food allergy? Everything I ate, except the cheese, I got at Sprouts.

At least he wasn’t a jerk about it.

I did tell him I originally called at 6:22 am.

It sucks cause I was going to head to the Oviedo store after my shift to see about transferring. I guess that’s going to have wait.

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