Good news and bad news from my gynecological oncologist

Front doors of the Orlando Health Cancer Center in Lake Mary.

In last night’s blog I mentioned how I felt as though I was gaining on those pre-cancerous cells on my vulva. I was not wrong.

Dr. Brudie said, “Yes, it’s looking a lot better; clearing up nicely. But you need to get to the spot that is slightly inside (meaning the vaginal entry).” Even that is looking better, though, she said. She also wants me to have another vulvar biopsy in August. Oh yay. That fricking shot there hurt like hell. I expected she would tell me this, though.

She confirmed with me that I’m applying the cream three times a week, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and that I’m still taking the progesterone. She told that she’s got me on the natural, rather than the synthetic, hormone. I didn’t even know there were two different kinds. And, I did my usual googling!

The progesterone prescription I picked up today from Walgreens. I got a three month supply, also for $0.00.

Then she said,”I do have to tell you that I am leaving the practice.” “What?” “I’m moving…to South Florida.” “What, do you ever think about having your own practice?” “That’s what I’m doing.” “Oh man, I’m sad. I really like you.”

She explained she wasn’t sure who was going to be taking over. I told her I wanted a woman and preferably a DO. She said that I might have to go to the office in Orlando, on Mills.

She felt bad, but I understand that life goes on and I can understand wanting to be free to run your practice as you see fit. If you are an independent type person, it would be hard working for a physicians group.

I imagine it’s hugely expensive starting up your own practice-expensive and scary. I will see her one last time on July 9th. So, that sucks.

I’m not sure if I still have the bio card for that other gynecological oncologist that Dr. Bernal gave me. That doctor was a female DO, but I’m not sure if she worked at the OH Cancer Institute. She’s an Orlando Health Physician Associate, but I think she works elsewhere.

So, I’m bummed, but happy that the pre-cancerous cells seem to be getting under control. That, in turn, makes me kind of sad because I’m now losing a good doctor and not just a doctor.

I will probably learn more about who I’m getting next month. I suppose it’s more important to me to have a female OBGYN than it is to have a DO. I’ve had women gynecologists since the 90’s. So, I’m pretty comfortable with a woman doctor. Osteopaths just know more; they are better educated, unless they are strictly lucky, but the chances of anyone surviving practicing medicine mostly by luck, are slim.

My exam room today.


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