In a cleaning, purging and packing mood

Even though I have mild abdominal pain I feel like packing and purging and cleaning up whatever those activities expose.

I’m getting out of this place I live in. I don’t know from where all the money is coming, but I don’t give a dump, as long as it’s legal. All I know is I’ve been absolutely miserable here since 12/28/2016-and simultaneously grateful because on that date I almost really became homeless. Also, I know visualizing and the Law of Attraction have helped me get my Beetle, my move from Daytona to Orlando, given me acceptance into UCF, my first apartment in Orlando and too many other things to list.

Yes, things do happen for a reason. I’m getting the vibe, for the first time in over a decade, that my life is headed onto the right path. I’m not there yet, but I see the signs to the interstate highway.

I’ve got to capitalize on this positive vibe and build on it. I’d rather be sitting and writing at an antique library table I converted into my computer and work station in my organized home office (just part of a visualization), but this physical work will get me there faster.

It ends, or begins, at the Upper Keys, South of Miami.

Speaking of writing, I got a, “National Geographic,” yesterday at work, at a discount. This edition is dedicated to pirates. I know around Super Bowl time I mentioned wanting to write about pirates of Tampa Bay. I still want to write it. I know this will give me some ideas and lots of information. Plus, God, what publication besides, “Life,” magazine has such amazing photography. And, I’m pretty sure, “Life,” has died. As a side note, I heard somewhere that Daytona State College supplied more than a few of those NG photographers. I heard that when the school was Daytona Beach Community College and I heard it in the 80’s when I was taking photojournalism classes at USF. My ex graduated from that program at DBCC. He is so frigging talented it’s almost ridiculous.

The Florida Keys also have a long pirate history, too. I’m looking forward to doing this research-in a more organized office setting.

I’ve been in this spot-in 2005. It wasn’t so leafy then. I took my own photos of it. They are not accessible right now. The caption on this photo I grabbed from the internet said it was taken in 2019. Damn, I even had the Mile 0 sticker on my 2005 VW Beetle, the car I used to visualize driving in Key West.

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