Maskless at work?

Wearing Tuesday’s mask on Saturday. I’m just planning for the future.

When I clocked in today the time clock informed me that fully vaccinated team members can go maskless. But, am I?

I’m not entirely giving up my face covering. I simply do not trust the anti-vaxxers to be honest. They will claim the constitution excuses their lies.

I will probably give myself a mask break of a few minutes when it is not busy. I’d say 98% of the employees here right now are wearing masks. They ain’t stupid.

I’m on lunch, if you haven’t guessed. For the last few weeks the breakroom has had almost nothing for us. Today we have water and bananas.

The offerings look kind of sad.

I find it kind of worrisome. In conjunction with the lack of free stuff, today several of us have been told we may go home an hour early-as long as everyone shows up-and breakroom supplies such as pollution ware, napkins, paper towels and the paper coffee cups are unavailable.

Hmm, company penny pinching is always a concern.

I have to wrap this up for now.

UPDATE: it’s now 6:18 pm. I’ve been home for a few hours. My roommate just arrived home.

It is so );$&@)(;: hot. It was 79 degrees in here. The AC has been running non-stop. I am so hot I’m literally sitting in my livingroom wearing my Sprouts t-shirt, undies and slippers.

Why did I leave Oregon? Oh yeah, it was MY stupid idea. I thought I missed the beach. I was wrong. I love the beach. I just love the woods and the mountains and the potential bear and mountain lion interactions more. Lol.

But, I have met some amazing people here I never would have had we stayed in the Pacific Northwest. Of course, I wouldn’t have met my stalker/spoofer, either. I probably would have met a different stalker/spoofer cause I seem to attract men who get a little obsessive.

I was going to pack up some boxes and shower later, but this ($&@(;: heat has me feeling greasy and gross. I’m gonna take a shower and pack and if I get dusty I take a quickie shower before bed.

I don’t mind feeling hot and greasy if I’M CLEANING OUT HORSE STALLS, but I’m in my frigging air conditioned apartment.

For all of you folks out there thinking of moving to Florida because it’s paradise, I say this, it only gets worse. July and August are brutal.

I watched a hokey (this is probably a redundant sentence) episode of, “Charlie’s Angels.” The guy who went on to play, Bobby, on, “Dallas,” played an attorney who fell in love with a blonde, green-eyed angel and a brunette, green-eyed angel. I guess, he had a weakness for green eyes. I can’t blame him; my eyes are green, well they are really teal. Anyhoo, the blonde let him have it. She was the spunkier of the two. The writing was hilarious and so 70’s.

“Emergency,” is on now. It’s a blast watching these crappy old shows I never watched in their day. It’s great comedy.

Ok, now it’s 79 again. I’m calling the landlord.

Wow. It’s 7:12 pm and the landlord showed up to fix the AC. Maybe it was my seven texts and phone calls. He does this: responds in person without calling to say he’s on his way. Maybe it’s a silly Pisces man thing?

HE BETTER FIX IT. I have no bail money.

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