$5 sushi Wednesday

I’m at work, on lunch. Last night I thought I would be calling out and going to my OBGYN’s. It’s been three weeks and I’m still having pain from my D&C.

I think it’s gravity. Upon reflection I realize that the pain gets really bad at work and lasts until my bedtime. When I wake up the next day, I have no pain.

I am also pretty pain-free on my days off. I think I didn’t take enough time off. I had off for the surgery and the next day and that’s it. I found a few medical sites that said some women could need a full week off after this procedure. I think that includes me.

I just want the pain gone. I’ve had enough pain over the last few years-yet, I know it could be worse. But, I sure am sick of smelling like Tiger Balm.

I went to Japan, the Caribbean and China for lunch. However, I’m not eating the Tiger Balm, as tasty as it might be. I do love Chinese food. Lo Mein is my fave.

I finished my sushi and am putting a small dent into that bag of plantain chips.

I’m so proud of myself. It’s been almost two weeks without eating one of those evil, amazing chocolate chip or salted caramel chocolate chip cookies. I cut back on my chocolate intake by a lot and, so far, I haven’t turned into a pumpkin, which is stunning.

My lunch is almost done. More later. Maybe.

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