Chocolate for breakfast

I didn’t go nuts. I just ate two and a half squares. Yumm.

It’s a late breakfast. I’ve been up for hours but, I got distracted by music and rock and roll history. I posted stuff related to the song, “Layla,” by Derek and the Doninos. Many people will translate that name into, Eric Clapton, who, indeed, was the band’s founder. I posted some stuff on Facebook-the big time-sucker.

Getting back to the subject of chocolate. Not all chocolate is good for you. It has to be at least 70% cocoa (pronounced: KA cow) to be healthy. God bless the Maya for giving us a cool calendar, astronomical tables that are some of the most accuracy in human history and, CHOCOLATE!

I can’t go any higher than 85%. After that it’s too bitter but, oh my God, this Lindt chocolate is so delicious.

I never heard of Lindt chocolate until I worked at Coffee People in Portland. We sold the individually wrapped chocolate balls as an impulse buy at our registers. I think they were 25 cents each. Some were filled with gooey deliciousness (ok. So, SOME goo is good. Medical-grade goo is not). Eating them came (pun intended) close to being orgasmic. I and my CP co-workers used to lovingly call them lint balls.

Ok, it’s time for coffee…and real food.

Later gator.

I almost became a Florida Gator but, instead, became a South Florida Bull. And, that’s no bull. Interestingly, a male gator is called a bull gator. That could be bull because I think I heard it as a rumor.

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