Oncologist visit, a salad and what the HELL is wrong with my car?

My day kind of started here.

I mean, “kind of,” because I DID consume some breakfast granola. I eat it like cereal with milk and usually berries. I love every berry I’ve ever eaten. Today they were blueberries. I drank only one cup of java. God, that was hard but, I’m having a salad right now with some coffee and making up for lost time.

It turns out that getting to Lake Mary from my house, the way I’ve been going, is pretty painless. I think it took me 15 minutes to get to the Cancer Institute.

I did get some interesting information from Dr. Brudie. I really like her and what she told me pretty much solidified my decision to make her my only OBGYN.

I told her I was thinking along those lines. I said, “Not to sound discriminatory but, I tend to prefer DO’s but, I do really love Dr. Lauridsen (she’s an MD). I just feel like you guys are better informed. All my childhood doctors were DO’s and my mom loved them, too.”

She seemed touched by that and her assistant nodded along with what I was saying. Then Dr. Brudie proceeded to prove my point by asking, “Did doctor Bernal go over the results of your biopsies?” “Yes, she said there was no cancer and that I wouldn’t need to see her for another year.” I could tell from her pause and thoughtful expression that there was more to the story.

I know I’m not going to describe this all correctly so, I’ll just give you the gist of it. She explained how there are four stages and two kinds of things going on that could cause the thickening of the uterine wall. I don’t recall all the scientific terms but, I know I will be googling. Seriously, I want a Google Queen crown and cape. In purple. Purple satin. And a sparkly, flowing Gypsy style gown. In blue and purple. And some cute platform shoes. And, maybe a silver and purple scepter. Real silver not that cheap silver plated crap.

Oh wait, I went down a side trail…the stage my biopsies revealed was about the least likely to go cancerous. She said that with this stage there is about a 1% chance of the lining becoming cancerous. “But, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be treated. Did she prescribe progesterone?” “No.” “Because, I would have prescribed it.” I could tell she was thinking about how to approach this point. I helped her out by asking. “Could you do it, please?” Again, I saw she was pondering. I think doctors form territories around each patient and some really don’t like other doctors crossing boundaries. I voiced that theory and both she and her assistant indicated that was so. Dr. Brudie said, “Yes, some are worse than others. But, I’m going to prescribe the progesterone and call to let her know what I did.”

She added, “The lining of your uterus thickens because of too much estrogen so, it’s out of balance.” This time I nodded because I recalled reading that when I GOOGLED IT! “We want to try to avoid it coming back.” “Yeah, I don’t want another one. By the way, I named it.” Dr. Brudie laughed-yeah we saw each others’ faces cause we asked each other if we minded ditching the masks-and kind of rolled her eyes, “That’s funny, by the way how are the books coming along?” I was touched she remembered. I told her I was mostly blogging.

Then she looked at my female boo boo and told me it indeed looked a little better but there’s a part that’s deeper I need to dab. Great. A husband would be useful at this point. Brian would have happily helped while also being terrified about getting the right spot. His navigation skills are excellent for traveling and be knows his way around cameras, printers and bicycles. He’s also good with boomerangs and kites. There COULD be some overlap.

Sorry, different side trail. Then we discussed how I need to control my weight. “Yep, I know. This is the largest I’ve been in my life and I hate it. I used to work out 3-4 times a week. I used to sort of be a cyclist. Twenty-twenty was supposed to be the year I got back into shape after my knee surgery. Thank you, COVID.”

There was something in the way she looked at me and spoke that turned a light bulb on that made me committed to the task except that I blurted out, “But, there’s chocolate!” “Is that where you were when I was in Sprouts this weekend? I looked for you. You were in the chocolate aisle.” “Maybe.”

I see her again in a month-and probably many weekends at Sprouts. She called in my progesterone prescription and Walgreens already texted me that it was ready. I’m supposed to take it at night cause it can cause drowsiness. Between that, the Xanax and the antihistamines, I’m gonna drop like a drugged thoroughbred.

I returned home and finally took the photo of the thingee that needs to be replaced on my car because I had problems trying to describe it to the Advance Auto Parts dude. The first part they ordered didn’t look right. I told them I was going to take a pic and bring it in.

See how there’s a tube or something not attached?
Check out the nail. Some kind of tube or valve belongs there. Note that it’s rusty. It’s a mystery. Andrew didn’t do it; he hasn’t worked on my car-not in that part of the engine. I asked Tara if her husband ever worked on the car and she told me no. I believe her. It’s not going to be complicated to get fixed except that I have to get into Andrew’s repair rotation. I swear, he’s busier than an ER doctor.

I made a salad and put in some cooked shrimp ( I looove seafood), feta, orange little grape tomatoes, Peruvian and green olives, scallions, spring mix greens, beets (just for Chelle, heh, heh) and oh my God, I almost forgot the avocado. It was a big sucker. I gave half of it to Rose.

It’s best to eat whole beets first because if allowed to end up on the mostly empty, slippery plate, they are hard to stab; they like to roll away. I usually get the sliced ones. I guess I had a brain fart when I grabbed the jar
With half an avocado.

I’m still hungry. Trying to not want the half a cookie that’s in the fridge. I’m tying to do that with a man I know, too. Seriously, married men need to instantly become unadorable upon reaching hitched status. In fact they should become hairy, hump-backed, yellow-fanged, red eyed beasts with severe halitosis and stinky feet. Oh and green, fungus-encrusted claws would be a nice deterrent, too. It would be so obvious they were married and us singles could go on grazing upon the green fields of available people, men, in my case. Well, like the bumper sticker says, “ If only men were as satisfying as chocolate.”

No, really, I’m still hungry.

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