Well, I got home and still have gas

Errr, my car does, that is.

I worked 4-9 tonight. As I wrote in my last blog, I’m a little broke this week. I was worried about having enough gas to get to work and home.

I did make it home. I think I drove at 41 MPH, tops, either way.

My fuel gauge right before I left for work at 3:25 pm.
Fuel gauge when I arrived home around 9:45 pm. I had to drive really sllooow.

I’m really sore. My lower back and my abdomen are aching. I’m parked in a chair in front of the TV and watching, “Police Woman,” again. I never really watched this show much in the 70’s. The shows are all new to me. It’s pretty humorous.

Pepper and her team are investigating an evil, “foundation,” ( an institute) that, “brainwashes,” teenage runaways. It’s run by a slimy pseudo shrink. I remember the actor playing that character always played some evil-doer back in 1970’s television shows.

Angie Dickinson starred as, Pepper (her nickname. I think her real name was Leanne). In this episode she went undercover as a reporter to investigate this institute. The evil shrink discovered she was a fake and held her captive.

Television shows seem so quaint by today’s standards of doing more research to make the stories more realistic. I’m so glad the word, “brainwashing,” was pretty much retired. I recall a lot of television shows throwing that word around in plots.

It’s fun to watch these old shows. They remind me of how much I wanted to move to California when I was a teenager. Pinellas County Florida was pretty dull in the 70’s.

It’s improved a lot over the decades. It’s a lot more hip. It definitely wasn’t when I was a kid. St. Pete used to be called, “God’s Waiting Room.” I ain’t even kidding.

Figures it’s cooler now because I don’t live there. It’s kind of like what happened when I graduated from Seminole High School. Schools attracted a bunch of money and they got additions and improvements. My school had a whole bunch of portable classrooms because Pinellas was having a growth boom and we had about 3,000 students in Seminole High, alone. Every Pinellas high school was on double sessions.

Anyway, my friend, Pat, and I were pissed that in our senior year all these cool things were being added that we would not be able to enjoy. The art department got photo classes and a darkroom. She was bound to USF to study fine art and I was really getting interested in photography.

We felt cheated. I feel a little cheated I’m missing out on some coolness happening in my hometown.

Oh well, I got to experience seven years of Portland, Oregon coolness.

Shot of downtown Portland, divided by the Williamette River. Looking in northerly direction. The white structure in the upper right is where the Trailblazers basketball team plays. In the 90’s we called them the Jailblazers because quite a few of them had some, err, legal trouble.

I’m hungry but, feeling really lazy. I think this was dinner. Microwaveable popcorn topped with Parmesan cheese and black pepper.


After I take a nice hot shower I will probably eat something that resembles real food. I kind of had a craving for popcorn when I got home. I love popcorn.

It’s 11:32. I need to feel hot, steamy water on my back. I’m getting hungry for real food too.

I can’t wait until I control my own schedule so I can write at decent times and not so frigging late.

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