This will be quick-I’m scared

My OBGYN’s office called and said my vulvar biopsy results are in. She wanted me to come in before my 4/1 appointment.

Face to face-that makes me nervous. If it’s not cancer why can’t they tell me that-at least? Her assistant made the call and she said she hadn’t seen the results.

I’m not sure I believe that. I think the assistants always know more than they say.

I might have vulvar cancer and I’m scared. It’s not the only option and it’s rare but, most women who get it are older. Not that I want to admit it because despite everything, I do not think of myself as, “older,” but, I guess I am older.

I get really scared because everyone on my dad side of the family died of some kind of cancer. So, I’m a little sensitive about this topic.

I just have so much shit to deal with right now. I still have to reschedule the appointment with my orthopedic that I canceled in January.

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