Hoping for a small miracle tonight

This ticket has my mom’s birthdate: 3 & 20. And it’s a quick pick. Quick picks win way more than tickets in which numbers were chosen by the players. Cause, the numbers are RANDOMLY chosen.

Fantasy 5 jackpots max out at $250,000 gross. Any larger than $299,999 requires a trip to Tallahassee, to state lottery headquarters. Amounts of $299,999 or less can be cashed out at a regional office. In most of Central Florida that is in Altamonte Springs. The net take on a maximum payout on Fantasy 5 is 76% or, $190,000. Then for that year’s tax return you have to claim it as gambling winnings. Depending upon the size of the prize winners could pay more federal taxes over that initial 24% or, the IRS might be happy with that amount and the winner pays nothing extra. But, that’s rare.

Since to win on Fantasy 5 only five numbers need to be matched, it significantly lowers the chances of losing. It’s the winningest Florida Lottery online game. Also, since it is the winningest online game, it’s rare that there is only one jackpot winner. It’s usually split by multiple winners-who most likely don’t know each other. I think the average number of multiple winners is about three.

I’ll take any amount.

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