Soggy day in Central Florida & jury duty

I’m waiting in my car in the Sprouts parking lot. It’s pouring and I don’t have an umbrella. My shift starts at 5pm-in 15 minutes.

The views from the driver’s seat of my car. I’m just going to have to dash to the store. I’m in pain. I don’t want to be working.

It is 4:51 pm. I made it inside. I put my sweater coat over my head and shoulders. I didn’t get too damp. The rain let up a little.

It is 7:16 pm. I’m in the middle of my one and only break: 15 minutes. I’m having abdominal pain. I can’t wait to have the ultrasound on Wednesday. I hate not knowing what is going on. I read an online article about how big fibroids can get-up to the size of a melon. Yay. Although, it would be nice if ALL my abdominal weight was fibroid and taking it out would make me skinny again.

Breakroom reflections.

It’s 10:46 pm I got home about 15 minutes ago. I had to bring in the trash barrel and recycling bins and I I finally dumped the cat litter out of Cammie’s downstairs litter box. It’s been clean litter. My depression has really been soul sucking. I can add disillusionment over the new job to the list of crap I’m dealing with. Please do not misunderstand. Yes, I am profoundly happy to be out of Walmart but, this particular Sprouts-the front end management-seems to be into micromanagement. I am also absolutely grateful to be employed at all. This experience has just made it clear that my mind has evolved into wanting work that allows me to express my spirit. Retail isn’t it. There are more variables involved and it’s late and I need a shower. Just know it’s part of a bigger blog about one’s work being more than work.

In other news: I found this little treat waiting for me.

It’s a frigging jury summons. I’m supposed to report at 8 am March 8th. I have a boatload of medical procedures coming up. They cannot be rescheduled.

It’s at the criminal court so, it’s probably interesting. I was on a jury for a civil case in August 2017. The day I arrived for that summons I knew I was going to get picked before the attorneys even started questioning everyone called. I’m a nerd, I actually think this stuff is fascinating but, this time around I am going to try to get out of it.

The civil case I was took five days so, we all got paid extra. The plaintiff was suing a couple who were driving behind her. She was exiting, interestingly, the parking lot of the AdventHealth hospital in Altamonte where I had my knee replaced. It was part of theAdventHealth system but, it’s name was Florida Hospital back then. The defendants rear ended her at a low rate of speed as she was turning right onto East Altamonte Drive.

It’s a very tricky parking lot exit that curves at a severe angle that makes it kind of difficult to see oncoming traffic. The plaintiff admitted to stopping at the stop sign then moving forward and suddenly breaking almost immediately. The defendants didn’t catch her second, sudden stop and bumped her.

The plaintiff claimed all kinds of injuries that were not supported by the evidence. The defense found this brilliant orthopedic MD/Ph.D who had the weird job of doing research on what exactly happens to human bodies during car crashes. He summed up his job as crashing cars with research dummies inside them everyday each week.

Basically, he explained how the physics did not match up with how the vehicle moved during the accident.

We did not give her what she wanted. She did not deserve it. I think we have her $20,000. Her physical issues stemmed from issues she sustained in two other earlier accidents she had in either New York or New Jersey. We got to see her medical records.

It was interesting but, this time around I’m going to have to try and get out of it. It’s even possible I could need surgery. I guess I will have a better idea after my ultrasound on Tuesday.

I’m headed upstairs for a shower, then back down for a small dinner. I am starving. I had no meal break at work tonight. I work noon to eight tomorrow. Then I’m off on Wednesday. I so can’t wait till I can hang out in a Starbucks and write and apply for jobs. Like everyone, I’m so sick of this sickness. 😷

Update: I forgot to include that paychecks from 2/19 still have not arrived in the store. This is bullshit. I did set up direct deposit today.

8 thoughts on “Soggy day in Central Florida & jury duty

  1. I’m sorry to hear that you had a soggy, painful and stressful day. My advice, pack an umbrella and try not to stress about what’s wrong until you see the doctor because you’re going to drive yourself nuts assuming what it could be. The pain will hopefully be rectified once they know what the problem is. Good luck at the doctors.

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