Just a couple of things

…….wow. It’s February and it was hot today. Welcome to to Climate Changed Florida!….

I splurged and got a bottle of vino a co-worker/head cashier recommended. It is delicious. It’s an only birthday present from me/to me. Scratch that. I got Tillamook ice cream. The roomie made brownies. HELLO, they need ice cream.

Hmm, a red wine ice cream float? Omg, that would be disgusting. Maybe with a sparkling Moscato.
I grabbed the first vino glass I could reach.

Work was actually ok tonight. I took an anti-anxiety pill with two ibuprofens before work. I was pain free all shift!! I think I’m stressing myself into a higher degree of pain.

I still am really afraid of what is going on down there in Lady Parts Land. I don’t even want to think about the Big C. I was stressed about the colon issue and then I got hit with not just one but two problems. Because I went to the ER and had the CT scan of my abdomen I feel better; there were no masses. So, I probably have polyps in my colon. And, I don’t have diverticulitis. That’s a relief; they probably would have made me give up coffee. Then I would have turned into a pumpkin and then someone would turn me into a pie.

I did decide that I’m going to dig out a copy of my resume and go see if that little bookstore in Longwood would hire me for just a couple of shifts a week. Bookstores are always fun places to work. There are a lot of networking connections to be made. Plus, nerds. Lots of nerds. I love nerds.

This little bloggy is supposed to be a quickie. Tomorrow is my birthday so, I will be back to write some more. I really don’t want to be up late. Do, y’all get this quickie. A shower is calling.

I do, however, have to brag about this:

It’s been FOUR days and I haven’t killed it.

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