I’m so glad it wasn’t changed to IHOB.

We are in IHOP-International House of Pancakes.

Back aways the company teased us unsuspecting breakfast loving Americans that it was going to change its name to International House of Burgers to highlight the restaurant’s hamburgers. They do have very yummy burgers but, if you want Swedish Crepes and do not have the ambition to make your own, you pile into your vehicle and drive to IHOP.

Part of the pancake menu.

I’m not having the crepes. Rose (not her real name), my roomie, got the rest of her student loan money so, she’s buying. I drove us here to Oviedo. There is an IHOP IN Casselberry, which might be closer to us but, I like Oviedo better. I like this IHOP better. It’s cleaner.

Entrance where we waited to be seated.

I was going to get an omelette like last time then Rose mentioned country fried steak. Hold the phone, I feel my inner hillbilly coming out. We both ordered the country fried steak. Most of the steaks are coming home with us. I was starving. That’s the first food I ate today. I wanted to deal with rent first so, we could relax while we ate. I was getting hangry. Rose was my witness, I almost bit some heads off before I got food inside me.

We are done chowing and are drinking our second cups of decaf. Note the price in the photo below. IHOP used to be famous for giving you a thermos of coffee with each order. Not now. I guess the thermoses are 86’d because of COVID. Five bucks for two coffees? I could have had a mocha at Charbucks. Rose paid for the food. I paid for the coffee so I could leave the tip.

The restaurant is pretty empty. There was just one duo here when we arrived. They are leaving now. The server just seated a family of four at the table pictured below. It’s about 15 feet away from us. Give me that vaccine. My sleeve has been rolled up for that sucker since last March. It doesn’t scare me; I’m not an anti-vaxer. Those people were dropped on their heads several times as children. Now, up to seven at the table. I think the all at least have masks.

The server is bringing me a splat more coffee. That’s what I requested, “a splat.” Classy, huh? I’m blaming astrology: it’s all that stuff I have in Capricorn. Lol. Actually, if there is a snob sign of the zodiac, it IS Capricorn. Virgo would be next in line. Virgo is ruled by Mercury so Virgos have a goofy side too. Speaking of astrology, my birthday is approaching. Oh the joy.

My splat is here. I’m drinking that and then we are leaving. The young girl (about 7-8) at the table next to us just announced she’s writing a book. You go girl!! I bet she is a nerd. I love her already. Rose declined more Java. I think I’m sitting with a body snatcher. I wonder when she will reveal her alien self.

That’s a splat for those of you who wondered.

Splat is gone and so are we. Toodles.

Oh wait, Rose’s body snatcher wants to finish the game she’s playing on her phone. Sheesh.

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