Blog still under construction

I am unexpectedly off today-I was stripped of today’s Walmart shift along with four others without direct communication from management. They probably did it because I’d made happiness posts about the new job on my Facebook page, that plus points that were not removed as promised. It wouldn’t be the first time that they policed my Facebook page and this blog site. More on that later.

Because of this space in my schedule I am going to attend to some blogs I began and stored in my, “drafts,” folder.

Speaking of Facebook, I just now got a notification from the Associated Press that they’ve extended trump’s incarceration in Facebook Jail. Wow, I have something in common with him besides being tall and blonde.

I’m going to try and savor the day by writing a lot.

But first, coffee.

12:34 pm update: apparently, being in Facebook Jail means you cannot unfriend anyone. I just cautiously friended a guy who sent a request. Not long after, he messaged me about some fictitious program Health and Human Services has that’s giving away money to, well, everyone. I’m sure a request for my bank info was in the future. I told him he was full of bullshit and attempted to unfriend him. A text box appeared telling me that that feature was temporarily blocked. Ridiculous.

Facebook Jail. If only I had some bars I could put over my FB profile pic.

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