Riot still going on…

….I’ve been switching back and forth between NBC and CBS. NBC reported about ten minutes ago that the woman rioter who was shot has now died. That’s on you, trump.

Washington DC is about to go under 6pm curfew. It is 5:55 pm ET. The police have pushed the rioters back off the Capitol lawn.

Reporters for both NBC and CBS have said that the rioters are spewing expletives at the police. The police. That entity that these Law and Order trumpers claimed the Black Lives Matter were disparaging. They claim to be in support of the police. I guess when it suits them. If this was a mob of BLM people, they would have been flattened. They would have ended up in morgues.

This is the same crowd of trumpers who criticized the protesters in Portland, Oregon this summer. Hypocrites. Those protesters did NOTHING on the scale of this. Those protesters were fighting for social justice. These rioters are fighting for an illusion, a fantasy. Congress has no power to overturn the votes of the People. This is why their ignorance and stupidity angers me so much. They know nothing about the Constitution or our government. This is an example of why public education must be supported. Access to education must be made easier and well funded. The populace must be educated to carry out a successful and strong democracy.

This attempted coup is almost an act of sedition. Pathetic.

It is now 6:17 pm and CBS has reported that there are some Congressional calls for Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment because it is becoming obvious trump is unfit to serve.

This all could have been avoided if voters had listened to mental health professionals and educated people who insisted trump was, indeed, unfit.

3 thoughts on “Riot still going on…

    1. Oops, I wrote my reply in the wrong place. Well, 2021 sure is off like a bang. I can’t even believe we’ve reached this point. Then again, all of trump’s actions are shocking and, yet, not. He’s pathetic.


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