Coping with a loss

I miss Cammie so much. I’m working on a blog about her story. I will have to write it in stages. That’s not my usual pattern. I’m a very spontaneous person. I get an idea and I turn into a pit bull with a concept I can’t let go of. I write it out in sometimes a fury-even if it takes all day and all night. Most of my passions run that way. I have trouble doing things in methodical stages.

The idea I have is to write about how pets are family. The first part is on Cammie. The second part will be about other people’s pets.

These last four days have been so emotionally draining. I’ve had Cammie in my life since 2008. I’ve been her mom since 2009. We bonded so deeply. I can’t believe she’s not upstairs snoozing on my pillow.

Cammie loves biting paper. Here she is with lottery tickets I rescued.
It’s unreal that I was there yesterday dropping her body off. I hate even typing those words.

This post is one step in giving me closure. I started a blog on Monday hoping to finish it before I returned to work tomorrow. It feels as if a giant machine has sucked out most of my energy. I did manage to get a load of laundry washed and into the dryer. It’s on its second cycle while I reheat some food for dinner.

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