Cammie’s life just ended

My cat died. Within the last half hour. I’m a wreck. My friend, Vickie, is helping me find a place to cremate her today.

I didn’t even know how to tell if she was gone. I’ve always had the funds to take my animals to get put down. I hate being so poor I couldn’t do anything.

I love her so much. She’s the sweetest creature. So loving, smart, goofy. This sucks so extremely bad.

Thank you, especially, to Vickie, Pat, Chelle and Sharon.

Recent Cammie
Cammie in my laundry basket a few years ago.
Same time as above.
I love this picture of her.
Inside a Publix bag because, you know, she’s a cat.
I’m gonna miss this.
Cammie with Princess.
Classic Cammie. Her manatee pose.

3 thoughts on “Cammie’s life just ended

  1. So sorry about Cammie, she was such a loveable cat ❤️ I always loved petting her cheeks and she would drool 🤤 because she didn’t get to swallow as she was so happy being petted 💕 Cammie was a great and fun company 🐾

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