Random relief & a financial dream

Eta has cleared out of Central Florida without much damage. Thank God for that. I haven’t checked on what it did to a Tampa Bay or Cedar Key, which is a small island off the West Coast, near Florida’s Big Bend. It’s populated by a lot of artists and rogues-my kind of place.

And, I just checked on the status of my tax refund that I’ve been waiting on since July. It’s being processed. Since the number I had to call leads to a computer voice, I couldn’t ask questions concerning when they received my return. From the date they received it, it could take up to six weeks.

I had to send it via USPS because my e-file wasn’t accepted due to an incorrect PIN. For some reason, I did not write that number down on the 2018 return file-or the AGI (adjusted gross income), which can be used instead of a PIN. Not sure why or how I made that screw up but, it has set up financial dominoes that have been falling down since.

It’s why my health insurance got canceled (since was reinstated because I was almost seriously suicidal. I’m not kidding. More on this in a later blog), why I’m behind on my car payments to Tara, who is selling me my current car. It’s why I’ve had to borrow money from two of my friends and why I’ve had to take two pay day loans which I’d broken free of during my knee replacement recovery.

Yes, I was THAT lucky with excellent souls who donated to my Go Fund Me or PayPal accounts. I am truly blessed with amazingly kind and generous people in my life.

They are part of the inspiration for me wanting to attract a huge lottery jackpot. The homeless, the environment, abused significant others and animals are also on that inspiration list. I wish I could practice random acts of financial kindness whenever the hell I want. I would love to help people save some funds on their EBT (food stamps) and WIC (women infants and children) accounts.

I’d love to be behind some EBT or WIC recipients in the grocery store check out line and when it comes time for them to swipe their account cards, barge in front of them and hand the cashier some cash to pay their bill.

It’s fun to dream.

All images were taken from the internet.

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