Oh yay, the Christmas shopping season is here

Oh Lordy, I got a message via my Me @ Walmart app that I had a schedule adjustment. Oh gawd, what now,? I thought to myself.

Yeah, I don’t always open my email. Lol.

The change was made to November 7th. I am pretty sure it was 10 am to 7 pm. Look at it now.

They better hook my arm to an IV which is attached to an espresso machine.
Look at those gorgeous shots with that fluffy crema.

Word is that since Walmart isn’t having its traditional Black Friday, we are having three Special Events days. This info comes from my roommate, Rose (not her real name), who got it from one of our managers. So, NOTHING IS SET IN STONE.

I’m basically just writing this to whine about having to get up for work around 3 am. I haven’t had to get up that early since I got my new knee. I have a feeling that the knee surgery will turn out to be the more fun experience.

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