Omg! Walgreens is evil too

I went to get my happy pills.

I walked into the store thinking, I’m not going to look at the chocolate. I am not going to look at the chocolate. I headed straight to the pharmacy.

Thank God, I’m back in Florida Blue’s good graces. My three prescriptions were back to their usual $3.00 instead of the over $30.00 they were last month. Whew!

I paid and headed to the front of the store. Uh oh, I accidentally walked down the Halloween candy aisle. Of course, it reminded me that the Ghirardelli chocolate is the next aisle over. I found my body doing a left hand u-turn. There they were with their perpetual two for six dollar yellow tags hanging from the edge of the shelf.

I plucked out the two flavors I love that I don’t see anywhere else.

The cashier scanned my bonus points card. “You have $2.00 on your card. You want to use it?” Well, duh. Discount chocolate, do bears crap in the woods? Beep. “That’s four dollars and forty-two cents.” Sweet. Pun intended.


Legumes and pills.

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