Little steps to improve life + some politics

I’m getting ready to fill out my ballot. I decided that I’m going to hand deliver it to my early polling place: the main Seminole County Library branch in Casselberry. I will probably have to do that on Thursday since I have one of my usual midshifts tomorrow, unless tomorrow is the end. Yes, I’m in the doghouse at work. No details. Not yet. I have an acronym though, it begins with the letter, A.

I’m at peace with whatever happens. I will prevail. As long as I keep my home and access to healthcare, I feel strong enough to get through this quagmire that is 2020. I know I’m not alone. And, I’m lucky; I haven’t lost anyone to COVID-19. I do know people who have survived it: co-workers and my ex-husband.

He had a COVID test on September 28th, his birthday. About two days later it came back positive. I was worried about his lungs, even though he’s very athletic. He’s been a cyclist pretty much his whole life. Thus, he had that helping but, he has a history with a certain herb.

The weird times we are experiencing are a mind blower. Who would have thought that we would still be dealing with this illness after seven months? Who would have thought in a Presidential election it would be a deciding factor? Of course, for me, I’ve known since election night in 2016 who I was going to vote for if certain improvements didn’t happen and we kept who had been installed.

I’ve tried to keep obvious political leanings out of this blog page but, I’ve hinted at my liberal mindset. I’m not anti-republican in general but, that party has been circling the drain for the last decade or so. We all lost a conservative with intelligence and class when John McCain died. I cannot keep silent anymore. Trump has to go. He is the most divisive, ugly force this country and, even the world, has seen in so many decades. He’s a vortex of toxicity and so are his enablers.

I’m voting Biden-Harris. At the very least, they have morals, intelligence and a deep understanding of the struggles of the middle and lower class. Voting for them is one of my steps to helping myself and society.

Locally, our news tonight, as just reported on WKMG channel 6, indicates early voting in Orange County, which includes Orlando proper, is down compared to the same period in 2016. That surprised me because Orange County leans left (more lefties than righties vote early) and I talked to a few Orange County people yesterday that said they had to wait three hours at their polling places. But, they happily waited. Yesterday was the first day of early voting in both Orange and Seminole Counties. I think a few other of the Central Florida counties also began early voting yesterday but, I’m unsure of this.

I’m also working on employment change and communicating to my doctors that my insurance is reactivated. I reset the resubmission of my venous ablation procedure today with my vascular doctor. I’ve really got to watch my money because EVERYONE on the front end, at work, got their hours slashed. Many of us are not thrilled. somehow I have to find the funds to maintain my $83 monthly health insurance premiums. I’m a little worried but, somehow I will get through this. I’m still waiting on my tax refund.

Our rent increases by $100 on December 1st. Our landlord didn’t even give us a full two month’s notice. I think that may be unlawful. I will have to check into that but, it’s not a priority right now.

I just really need stable employment and income right now, more than anything. I’ve been checking on the at home blogging jobs and most of them do look lucrative but, most of them want a solid two year history of paid writing. That I don’t have. I have a spotty history of sporadic freelance experience and some published articles in student newspapers. And, about three chapters of an unpublished novel and an outline of a children’s book. That’s about socks.

I’m just trying to maintain sanity and stay focused on needed tasks. Many of us are riding that same theme park ride. I hope we all make it.

November 24th is the final day registered voters can request a mail-in ballot. WKMG Channel 6. CBS affiliate Orlando, Florida. 10/20/2020.
All these photos are from the 5pm news broadcast on WKMG Channel 6, Orlando, Florida.
Compare 2020 to 2016.
Social distancing in the voting line at the Orange County Alafaya Library Branch. This polling place on Colonial Drive a couple miles south of the main campus of University of Central Florida. In 2008 I worked the polling place at UCF with the Obama campaign. I helped drive voters to this polling place when needed. That was an exciting night.
Overall early voting is up compared to 2016.

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