Not sure what to call this

I’m still overwhelmed by the events of the last three weeks or so. I’m trying to stay focused.

First up, I have to help my roommate get her Toyota towed back home from the Walgreen’s a few blocks away. I have roadside assistance with my phone carrier. I haven’t used it yet and the phone carrier is still kind of new to me. But, I think it will work out.

She was released from the hospital (kidney issue) yesterday and went to the pharmacy on the way home. After getting her medication her car wouldn’t start. So, she called me. I fetched her but, we left her car at Walgreen’s. She spoke with the manager to tell him about her car needing to spend the night. But, she needs to get it back home so Andrew, (our mechanic-and the mechanic for many of out for-workers) can come over and fix it. I think it’s her starter. If so, she’s lucky it’s not a diesel Beetle. That’s one of two engine parts I had to replace in my Beetle-in fourteen years. A VW starter ain’t cheap. VW parts are blessed by lederhosen-clad drunken munchkins during Oktoberfest. Those munchkins have powerful union representation. So, they are speedy, as they would say in Oregon.

Now that I think about it, my relationship with my Beetle lasted longer than my marriage. I think that’s hilarious. I lost the first Beetle to the divorce. Eh, I still love and care about Brian but, it’s not the same. He’s not driven enough. I guess that’s kind of a pun.

My Beetle on the last day I owned it in March 2019. I’d just received my first cortisone shot in my bad knee. I cried like a baby over losing that car.
Photo of my Beetle I’m happier times. Key West, Florida. June 2005.

There’s a little bookstore in Longwood I want to apply to. It would just be a little extra cash and probably a good learning experience. They had a sign posted in the window about hiring. I tried call a couple of times and the line was busy.

Then, there is Target. I’m filling out an app for them. Their website proclaims to be hiring in four different ones around here. And, of course, I’m perusing the content writer jobs.

I received my mail in ballot from Seminole County Elections yesterday or Tuesday. I want to fill it out today and bring it to the post office ASAP.

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