Conflicted at work

In my last blog I explained that some of the barriers we had in place to direct the flow of humans were removed. It may be too early but, at the same time it is a relief to see a bit of normalcy.

I just went on my lunch at work. I was on register 7, which is kind of in the middle of our bank of check-out stands. And it is across from girls apparel and in between where the caution tape was and the stanchions by self checkout. So, for the first time since March, I was able to leave register 7 and turn left to take my bucket of merchandise returns to Customer Service for sorting and return to the shelves. It was freeing to be able to choose my path instead of having to be funneled to self checkout. Simultaneously, I fear that people will see this as a sign to not be vigilant and slack on personal protection.

Last night our county instituted mandatory wearing of face coverings in public. But, our store policy is that we can’t kick people out if their faces are naked. Today, thankfully, a huge majority of the customers I’ve seen are masked.

Our Governor, Ron DeSantis, is pretty adamant about not reversing the re-opening plans. My gut tells me that Florida is going to be responsible for much of the increase in Coronavirus cases. It scares and embarrassed me.

Our population is very fluid here. People come and go from all over the world. It soon be possible for a family of six to visit Walt Disney World, get sick, remain asymptomatic and return home to Michigan and infect their neighbors.

It would really be nice if only criminals, the amoral or the stupid would get this virus but, it doesn’t work that way.

Oviedo Walmart at about 2pm 7/1/2020. This area was blocked off two days ago.

All human traffic used to have to walk through here, the self checkout bullpen, to get to the grocery side of the store. People had to flow from the glass doors toward the front of picture. Also at about 2pm 7/1/2020.

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