This is scary

The COVD-19 pandemic continues and lately Florida has been in the spotlight for huge increases in cases since Gov. Ron DeSantis reopened segments of our economy.

Tonight the news was about a hot spot here in Seminole County. The burg of Oviedo has seen huge increases in positives. Most of the new cases are among the traditional college aged. Oviedo is right next door to UCF. The demarcation between Seminole and Orange (home to UCF) Counties is a road called McCulloch. Literally, the East-bound lanes are in Orange while the west-bound ones are in Seminole. Those west-bound lanes mark the start of Oviedo. McCulloch marks the northern end of UCF property.

When this nasty bug moved into Central Florida I knew the area around UCF would get hit hard.

This is scary because I and my roommate work in Oviedo. Our customers are mostly from there or Chuluota or Geneva. Both towns are a little further east.

So, I am a little more aprehensive about going to work or the doctor-three of my four doctors practice in Oviedo. I’m concerned for them as well.

I know we all hope this thing ends soon. I wish a vaccine could be developed quickly but, those things take a long time.

Map of Seminole County, which is just north of Orange County. This and all images are from tonight’s news broadcast on WKMG Channel 6 Orlando. I took the photos with my phone.

Huge spikes since Florida’s reopening.

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